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Auvi-Q Auto-Injector Returns, But Questions Arise on Pricing Scheme

Drug maker Kaléo promises low consumer payout, but list price may spark controversy.

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Boy Who Died From Asthma or Allergies at School Was Not Given Epi, Had Expired Inhaler

Coroner says school staff were aware of his food allergies, and that the boy carried epinephrine.

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Auvi-Q Auto-Injector Relaunch Being Planned, Kaléo CEO Says

Company says details of “when and how best to bring Auvi-Q back to the market” still being worked out.

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Needle Length of Auto-Injectors May Need Review for Infants and Toddlers, Study Finds

Epinephrine auto-injectors remain first line of defense for anaphylaxis, and technique can be adjusted to compensate.

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Parents Say MDs Often Not Providing Enough Epinephrine Guidance: Study

Parents of kids with food allergies say they aren’t being taught how and when to use epinephrine.

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Law Allows Texas Pharmacists to Give Epinephrine for Allergic Reactions

Novel legislation helpful since pharmacy likely closest in an emergency.

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Allerject Recall Update: Sanofi Canada Instructs Customers to Return All Devices

Canadians should “immediately return all Allerjects,” says Sanofi Canada.

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Auvi-Q and Allerject Recall: Q&A with Sanofi’s Dr. Paul Chew

Sanofi expert says ‘no evidence’ yet of malfunctions in 26 reported devices; says recall ‘precautionary’.

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EpiPen Says It Can ‘Meet Any Anticipated Demand’ for Auto-Injectors Due to Recall

EpiPen is assuring the public that its products are not part of a recall of Auvi-Q and Allerject.

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Can Peanut and Egg Allergies be Related?

Q: My daughter has developed an egg allergy at 12 months. At the appointment where tests confirmed this, the allergist mentioned being “mindful of possible peanut allergy.” I’m confused: are these two allergies related? And what can I do to be careful? Dr. Watson: Your daughter is an age where new food allergies can develop. I think the […]

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