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Relatives Who Don’t ‘Get’ Food Allergies

In October 2010, Allergic Living sent out an e-mail asking readers to share their stories (both good and bad) of how close relatives dealt with food allergies or celiac disease. We were deluged with responses, several of which were included in our Winter 2011 cover article “Family Food Feud”. However, there were more intriguing stories […]

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Family Food Feud: Relatives and Allergies

When relatives don’t “get” your allergies, it’s a recipe for quarrels and broken bonds.

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Food Allergy Guide to Visiting Relatives Safely

Time with Friends and Family Be clear about your allergies. Socializing with out-of-town family or friends can be tricky because they may not fully understand the risks that food allergies present and the safeguards you or your child need. Be polite, clear and assertive – and never feel bad about saying no to a food […]

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