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Mackenzie Family

Why One Family Is Taking on American Airlines and Its Food Allergy Policy

DOT complaint targets denial of preboarding as breach of Air Carrier Access Act.

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Air Canada Cuts Dog Allergy Accommodations

Asthma organization says decision a step backward in accommodating those with severe allergies.

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A Force of Nature for Safe Travel with Allergies

When a United Airlines flight crew said they wouldn’t make an announcement to passengers that Lianne Mandelbaum’s son, Joshua, would be flying on board with a peanut allergy, they didn’t know who they were messing with. The angered mother found another way home and soon launched a petition on the website Care2 urging airlines to […]

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United Airlines Quietly Changes Its Peanut Policy

Crew “may” now ask passengers nearby not to open or eat peanut products.

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Air Travel & Allergies: 8 Factors That May Reduce Risk

A large study suggests there are strategies that might reduce the odds of having a peanut- or nut-allergic reaction aboard an airplane.

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Our Story - Skydiving4

A Dairy-Allergic Child Learns to Fly Solo

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Q&A: WestJet and Food Allergies

Published: Dec. 9/10 Robert Palmer, WestJet’s manager of public relations, spoke with Allergic Living’s Gwen Smith about the details of his airline’s new forward-thinking food allergy policy. Allergic Living: I have to start by asking: Why did WestJet make these few policy changes that are quite groundbreaking in terms of food allergy accommodation? Robert Palmer: […]

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Airlines Release Food Allergy Policies

WestJet’s New Allergy Policy See also: Q&A with Robert Palmer, WestJet spokesman. • It is now posted on WestJet’s site that flight attendants will make one public address announcement about food allergies when a passenger self-identifies as being allergic to peanuts or nuts and requests that an announcement be made. An update in the Flight […]

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Allergic Living Winter 2009 Cover

Winter 2009

Flying Allergic: The risks, the facts about airplane reactions, and the push for safer skies. [Read more] The Airlines on Allergies: Our mega-chart of airlines’ allergy policies. [Read more] Extra: Flying Tips. [Read more] Natural Asthma Strategies: Some wellness approaches prove successful at reducing symptoms. Winter Baking Special: Great cookies, squares, pies and more. Plus, […]

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Airlines: The Great Snack Debate

No one should have to go through what my two kids and I have just gone through. We’re the people you may have heard about in the news. On February 15, we got tossed off a Mexicana Airlines flight simply because I’d asked that the attendants not serve peanuts. I’m at risk of anaphylaxis to […]

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