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Halloween 2014: Food Allergy-Friendly Candies and Treats

Allergic Living’s allergy-friendly candy and treats list for all the ghouls and boys.

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Mall’s Allergy-Safe Halloween Event A Huge Hit

When I heard that our local mall puts on holiday kids’ events throughout the year, I was excited. So was my son, Nolan. In the spring of 2010, I packed Nolan in the car and headed to Place D’Orleans mall Easter event. It started off great – we even ran into friends, and the two boys were […]

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Allergy-Safe Halloween Treating

As a child, I couldn’t wait for Halloween. Transforming into a princess or superhero was thrilling, and the best part was coming home and dumping my loot onto the kitchen table. As a parent of a food-allergic son, however, I quickly realized that celebrating Halloween could pose a serious health risk. Still, I didn’t want […]

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A Food-Free Halloween? You Bet!

In an effort to take the focus off of food and take the fear out of Halloween, my local anaphylaxis support group has organized food-free Halloween parties for the past few years. Yup, you read that right. A Halloween party with no food at all. And what’s more, this is a big hit with the […]

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Halloween Great Pumpkin

Halloween: The Year the Great Pumpkin Almost Blew It

My daughter Geneva is now in her teens, but back when she was a peanut-allergic kid in her prime trick-or-treat years, Halloween presented a tricky challenge. How were we to wrestle her hard-earned nutty goodies away without a pitched battle? Somehow, our heartfelt “it’s for your own good” speech was always lost on her, and […]

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Food Allergy and Halloween

A few years ago, I watched as my colleague Beatrice and her young son Joey were interviewed by a television reporter about food allergies. It was Halloween and the feature was to air that evening, a perfect time to raise awareness about this growing issue for Canadian children, and about the precautionary measures that families […]

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Halloween: School Tips

Here are some tips for a safe Halloween in the classroom: • Talk with the teacher as soon as you can about snacks, treats and activities. • If food will be served for the class, offer to bring it. At the very least, provide something safe for your child to eat. • For younger children, […]

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