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Waiter serving a family at restaurant

Allergy-Friendly Restaurants: AllergyEats Releases Top 10 List

The task of selecting a restaurant when you’ve got multiple food allergies can be a difficult process, especially considering all the factors – taste, portions and atmosphere – that go into a great meal. But that has been made all that much easier for food-allergic individuals with the help of certain tools. AllergyEats is a […]

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McDonald’s Canada Comes to the Table After Allergy Backlash

What resulted from a meeting between Food Allergy Canada and the fast-food chain.

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Field Trips & Food Allergies: Staying Safe Beyond the Classroom

School outings are rewarding, but allergy hazards can lurk in unfamiliar terrain. Allergic Living explores the right way to sidestep perils beyond the classroom comfort zone. First published in the  Spring 2016 magazine; to subscribe click here. When 8-year-old Nate visited a local historical site with his class in the Cleveland area last year, it was meant to be an eye-opening chance to travel back […]

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6 Steps to a Successful Field Trip with Food Allergies

First published in Allergic Living’s Spring 2016 magazine with our “Field Trips and Food Allergies” feature. For Canadian school tips, click here. While field trips have the potential for danger, they are an important part of your child’s education, and worth the effort. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies In Schools and Early Care and Education […]

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Letter To An Allergic Teenager – From One Who’s Been There

As one who remembers the teen years well, Allie Bahn has a must-read letter to all allergic teens.

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Hunger for Change Inspired Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly Food Bank

Faced with a food bank with nothing for her food-allergic daughters, Emily Brown had a moment of despair – then got to work.

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Staph Infections on the Eczema Patient’s Skin Linked to Peanut Allergy

Many patients with eczema go on to develop food allergies, a phenomenon often referred to as “the allergic march.” But the exact relationship between the two diseases has so far been unclear. Lately, however, the theory that food proteins slip in through the compromised skin barrier of a child with eczema, leading to sensitization and […]

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woman menu choice

When Food Allergy Strikes an Adult

Developing a food allergy in adulthood is a life-changer. Your carefree diet is out the window, and now you have auto-injectors, anaphylaxis risks, and lots of explaining. Meet those who’ve joined this brave new world. (First published in Allergic Living magazine; to subscribe click here.) ONE spring morning back in 2011, Sandy Williams was calmly sitting at her desk […]

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allergy explorer

Allergist Who’s Driven to Solve the “Whys” of Food Allergy

She’s one of the brightest lights in the next generation of allergy researchers. But Dr. Corinne Keet, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, never rests on the laurels for her latest scientific publication or conference presentation. Instead, she is always moving on to her next study, and another key unanswered allergy question. […]

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Food Allergies on Food Stamps: When ‘Safe’ Food Doesn’t Fit the Budget

What happens when you can’t afford ‘safe’ food for an allergic child?

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