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Field Trips & Food Allergies: Staying Safe Beyond the Classroom

School outings are rewarding, but allergy hazards can lurk in unfamiliar terrain. Allergic Living explores the right way to sidestep perils beyond the classroom comfort zone. First published in the  Spring 2016 magazine; to subscribe click here. When 8-year-old Nate visited a local historical site with his class in the Cleveland area last year, it was meant to be an eye-opening chance to travel back […]

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Food Allergy: 5 Steps to Get From Horrified to Hopeful

“Your son has more than a dozen food allergies. Some are life-threatening.” It has been more than a decade since I heard those disturbing words, uttered by one of the country’s leading pediatric allergists. In an instant, my life changed. Thoughts of every upcoming birthday, vacation and holiday flashed before me as impossible dreams. I had no idea how I could make a life […]

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