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2 Young Men Succumb to Fatal Allergic Reactions

Chandler Swink injected epinephrine and then drove himself to the hospital.

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Lawsuit Filed in Tragic Peanut Allergy Death

The parents of Natalie Giorgi, who died of an anaphylactic reaction to a bite of peanut, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Food Allergy Awareness 2013: There’s Much Work to Do

Food Allergy Awareness Week is a great time to take stock. We have come so far in the last decade on food allergy awareness. It’s now common for schools to make food allergy accommodations to protect at-risk kids, while colleges in the United States are also moving in that direction (following a key ADA decision), […]

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Utah Boy Dies from Anaphylaxis

An 11-year-old boy becomes the fourth young person to die of food anaphylaxis in the past 2 months.

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Two Food Allergy Deaths in Spring Break

In the course of a week, two young people have had their lives cut short due to food-allergic reactions.

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Time to End Food Allergy Tragedies

Amarria was the wakeup call: epinephrine has to be there to save lives.

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Expert Advice for ‘The Allergy Talk’

Advice from leading experts on how to speak to food allergic children about the risks and precautions –  without instilling fear. See also our full article on “Your Child and Food Allergy Fears“. Toddlers and Preschoolers Start the awareness – You’ll need to inform a young child that an allergen can make him or her […]

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