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Aquafaba: Revolutionizing Egg-free Cooking

The juice from legumes is revolutionizing egg-free baking. From its beginnings to meringues, mayo and more, let’s explore the wonders of aquafaba. Substituting eggs in baked goods isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and powders, flaxseeds and applesauce are often being replaced themselves as the staples of egg-free creations. While the more traditional egg replacer options have strengths and weaknesses, it’s aquafaba that’s taking the […]

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PA: Mylan Headquarters

Inside the EpiPen Price Backlash

Industry watchers weigh in on the big issues behind the auto-injector controversy.

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Milk Allergy Patch Test Gets Funding

Nestlé has entered a $110 million deal with DBV Technologies to develop a patch to desensitize patients to milk allergens.

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Waiter Arrested After Diner Suffers Near-Fatal Allergic Reaction

A waiter could be facing criminal charges after a man suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction to seafood at a restaurant.

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7 Party Tips for Allergy Safe Celebrations

Visions of balloons, big smiles and a brief respite bless the minds of many parents when a birthday party invitation arrives. But if your child has food allergies, that invitation may look more like a warning notice that the countdown of calling, planning, cooking and baking has officially begun. For years, I dreaded those invitations, convinced that I had to make everything perfect […]

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Father and Children Cooking Family Meal

6 Top Tips for Keeping Allergens in Control in Your Kitchen

Food allergy coach shares her top food allergy kitchen tips.

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Advice on Attending Summer Camps with Food Allergies

Follow these tips to suss out safe adventures for your allergic child. From daytime activities to sleepaway journeys, summer camp can create lifelong memories and give parents a brief respite. Of course, adequate planning is essential when food allergies are on the table, but sometimes simple observation and a mother’s intuition play an even bigger part in assessing the safety of a situation. […]

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Alex Thomas 11

OIT Gets Ready for Prime Time

Peanut oral immunotherapy in a capsule is close to approval, bringing hope — not of a cure — but of lives lived with less vulnerability. FOR MORE than seven years, Alex lived like most kids with peanut allergies: he strictly avoided the legumes. His mom, Sarah Thomas, read food labels, grilled restaurant staff, and sent safe cupcakes for Alex […]

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College Year One: Success With a Side of Food Allergy ‘Jokes’

Year one of living on my own with food allergies = complete!

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Mason and Sam Together

Theater Discrimination Decision Seen as “Wake-up Call” on Allergy as Disability

The U.S. Department of Justice has found that a theater company violated a food-allergic boy’s rights.

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