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Allergic Living Spring 2010 Cover

Spring 2010

5th Anniversary Issue Future of Allergies Special Edition Contents Include Future of Food Allergies: real progress on the horizon. Read more Research on a Roll: pills, ‘pednuts’ and vaccines. Plasticizers, allergies and pollution: new asthma connections. Pets, asthma and pollen: research headway. Read more Celiac Disease’s Future – Will you eat gluten again? Allergy News: […]

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The Future of Food Allergy

Following is excerpted from our 20-page Special Report on the Future of Allergies, Asthma, Celiac in the Spring 2010 5th Anniversary edition of Allergic Living. Look a decade ahead and there’s big news: therapies for food allergies. And not just one. From herbal pills to vaccines and immunotherapy, expect a choice of treatments. IMAGINE AN allergy […]

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Future of Allergies Special

Allergic Living Special Collector’s Issue: For Those With Allergies, A Therapy Revolution Is Coming TORONTO, April 14, 2010 – In its 5th Anniversary issue, Allergic Living magazine looks 10 years ahead in a 20-page special section: “The Future of Allergies.” From the front lines of research into food allergy, celiac disease and environmental allergies, Allergic […]

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