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15 Big Celiac Questions Resolved: From Symptoms to Gluten-Free Diet Issues

From recurring symptoms to supplements and gluten-free diet solutions, three experts weigh in on our readers’ celiac questions. This article was first published in Allergic Living magazine. MAYBE you have just been diagnosed with celiac disease, or maybe you were diagnosed several years ago. You’ve been told what it is so many times, you can […]

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The Craft Brewmasters Who Are Getting Gluten-Free Beer Right

Mastering the art of craft beer without barley.

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TORONTO,ON - AUGUST 23:  Max Domi of the Phoenix Coyotes poses for an NHLPA - The Players Collection portrait at the Mattamy Sports Center on August 23, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Ken Andersen/NHLPA via Getty Images)

Hockey’s Max Domi: Stickhandling Celiac Disease

Domi speaks about his diet and facing challenges, both on and off the ice.

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Protein Linked to Celiac Disease May Also Be a Mark of Gluten Sensitivity, Study Says

Protein that affects permeability of intestinal wall is higher in those with gluten sensitivity.

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Hepatitis B Vaccine Less Effective for Celiac Patients

Fifty percent of the celiac patients under the age of 5 were nonresponsive to the vaccine compared to 30 percent of the control group.

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Gluten Found in Probiotics, Despite ‘Gluten-Free’ Label

New York researchers tested top-selling probiotics, and more than 50 percent contained gluten.

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Why Are So Many Celiacs Getting Glutened?

First published in the Fall 2014 edition of Allergic Living magazine. SHE looked down at her stomach in shock and disbelief. While April Marlow-Ravelli was one month pregnant, her belly was suddenly protruding as if she was six months along. Round and hard, her stomach was also in so much pain that she was having trouble breathing. With […]

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Glutened? What to Do.

There’s that dreaded tingling on your skin, your head is starting to pound and your insides feel fit to burst. Despite your best efforts, you’ve been glutened. But is there a way to minimize the misery? Dr. Joseph Murray, a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, offers some do’s and a definite don’t: […]

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Researchers Hope to Develop a Celiac-Safe Wheat

The massive research project aims to the isolate precise proteins in wheat that cause reactivity in celiacs.

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Why You Should Test For Celiac Before Going Gluten Free

What seems like a harmless experiment could do more harm than good. A few years ago, a gluten-free manufacturer approached me to partner on a major social media campaign. The theme: “Try a gluten-free diet for two weeks and see how you feel.” I said no. While the promotion probably would have helped certain people identify symptoms that suggest a […]

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