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How can I deal with a child who disobeys food allergy rules?

Q. I have a 5-year-old son who is allergic to dairy, egg, banana, peanuts and other tree nuts. At a recent party, I told him that he could not have a certain kind of cracker being served, as it would make him sick. He grabbed it anyway started to eat it. I made him spit […]

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Help the School ‘Get’ Food Allergies

What would you do if your child were asked to rinse out his mouth twice a day before entering his classroom? No, this isn’t a trick question or a bad joke. Here’s what parents of students at a Volusia County, Florida elementary school did in March 2011 when they were told that their kids would […]

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Allergy-Safe Halloween Treating

As a child, I couldn’t wait for Halloween. Transforming into a princess or superhero was thrilling, and the best part was coming home and dumping my loot onto the kitchen table. As a parent of a food-allergic son, however, I quickly realized that celebrating Halloween could pose a serious health risk. Still, I didn’t want […]

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An Allergic Marriage

Samantha Yaffe’s frank take on motherhood with allergies. “Did you ask them about the nuts?” I ask in what I consider a disarming tone, but which may, in retrospect, sound a bit bitchy. “Ya, I asked them and it’s fine,” he responds in a not-so reassuring tone that tells me he’s lying. I want to […]

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