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Pivotal Findings Boost New Liquid Ragweed Treatment

A new treatment for ragweed allergy saw symptoms and medication use reduced by 43 percent

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Study Mixing OIT and Xolair Sees Big Drop in Side Effects

A study finds fewer reactions and increased speed in OIT for milk allergy while using the medication omalizumab.

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From Oregon to Maine to Texas, Rate of U.S. Allergy is Same

A new study has found that overall allergy prevalence is the same across different regions of the U.S.

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How Many Peanuts A Day to Keep Allergy Away?

Two studies focused on peanut OIT have found possible answers to key research questions.

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Peanut Policies at School: What’s Working Best

A new study finds peanut-free schools may be using epinephrine five times more often than schools without a peanut policy.

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AAAAI: Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question

The AAAAI has released a list of tests and procedures that are overused in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

Posted in Food Allergy | Tagged | Leave a comment Program Closes Gaps in Allergy Labeling has just launched a new program that clarifies allergen information on foods.

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AllergyEats Releases List of the Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurants

AllergyEats has released its 2014 list of the most allergy-friendly restaurant chains.

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Stock Epi Saves Two Lives in Nevada Schools

Two Nevada students have received life-saving shots of epinephrine since the passing of the state’s stock epinephrine bill in 2013.

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The Allergy Fix Documentary to Air

CBC-TV’s The Nature of Things program will air “The Allergy Fix” documentary on Thursday Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. (ET). See the trailer.

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