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Demand for Sesame to Be Added to Top Allergens List Gets Louder

The demand that sesame be required by federal law to be labeled on food products is gaining traction amid the release of a new report

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welcome Amarria

Lawsuits in Amarria Johnson Peanut Allergy Death are Settled

Two lawsuits filed by the mother of Amarria Johnson, the 7-year-old Virginia girl who died from eating a single peanut at school recess, appear to have been settled as of September 2015. Amarria’s mother, Laura Pendleton, had filed a wrongful death suit against Chesterfield County, Virginia, where the school her daughter attended is located, and […]

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Hospital Emergency Visits for Anaphylaxis Double in Canada

Spike of 95% seen for severe reactions over a 7-year period, with teen rates the highest.

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American Academy of Pediatrics Supports New LEAP Guidelines for Infant Peanut Consumption

American pediatricians have gone a step further than their initial June endorsement of new interim guidelines for infant consumption of peanuts

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The Canadian Town Where Stock Epinephrine is the New AED

Nurse practitioner behind project of mass placement of stock auto-injectors.

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Recap: The #Allergyready Back-to-School Twitter Party

Back to school can be a time of heightened stress. Here’s a wealth of resources from the allergists and others who attended our Twitter party

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Pharmacist Saves Woman’s Life after Severe Wasp Sting Reaction

A Quebec woman has credited the persistence of her pharmacist for saving her life

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Nona NarvaezWEB

‘Stock Epi’ Expanding Well Beyond Schools Under New Laws

Under entity laws, “stock epi” is moving to public venues – including theme parks, restaurants, sports arenas and daycares

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Airlines and Allergy: Epinephrine Auto-Injectors Would Be Required on Every Flight Under New Law

In-flight staff would be required to know how and when to use auto-injectors for food allergic passengers under proposed federal legislation

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Suit in Allergy Death: Should Store Bakeries Have to Label?

Should grocery store bakeries fall under the same food allergen labeling exception that applies to traditional bakeries?

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