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WestJet Flights to Carry EpiPen

Airline plans to have EpiPens available for emergency use on all of its flights by early 2011.

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Child Reacts to Recalled Product

A boy has a peanut allergy reaction after eating a Quaker granola bar that was supposed to be safe but wasn’t.

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Kardashian’s 911 Call for Son

Kourtney Kardashian got good advice in this 911 call that she made as her 11-month-old son began reacting to peanut butter.

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A Rash of Cell Phone Allergies

Prolonged use of cellphones is leading to numerous nickel reactions of the face and jaw, an allergists’ conference is told. There are solutions.

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Big Study Silences Allergy Doubts

Nearly three in 100 Americans have
at least one food allergy, according to a new food allergy population study. The biggest demographic for food allergy? African American kids.

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Bullying Rampant Among Allergic

Thirty-five per cent of kids with food allergies over the age of five have experienced bullying, teasing or harassment related to their allergies, according to a new study.

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Teen Almost Kicked Off Plane

A mother’s request for a p.a. announcement about her teenage son’s peanut allergy almost got them thrown off a flight. The pilot’s concern? That the allergy was a flight risk.

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Peanut Patch: Future Treatment?

Researchers who are working to find a way to treat food allergies have their sights on the next target – desensitization through the skin.

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Writer Eats Words on Allergies

The humor writer who scoffed at food allergies as “a yuppie invention” has learned the hard way just how real they are. But let’s remind you first of the scorn Joel Stein heaped on parents of allergic children in a column in the Los Angeles Time. “Your kid doesn’t have an allergy to nuts. Your […]

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Epinephrine Use Low in Reactions

Many suffering moderate to severe allergic reactions are not using epinephrine to treat the reaction, says Dr. Ann Clarke an allergist at McGill University Health Centre.

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