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Boy Who Died From Asthma or Allergies at School Was Not Given Epi, Had Expired Inhaler

Coroner says school staff were aware of his food allergies, and that the boy carried epinephrine.

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Allergy Shots Safety Confirmed in New Study That Calls Proposed Rules into Question

Allergy shots study proves safety, author suggests tough new rules would hinder patients’ access.

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Cause of EoE Food Allergies Isolated in Patients, and It May Be Key to Drug Therapy

Calpain 14 regulates another protein in esophagus tissue that plays key role in EoE’s inflammatory response.

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Auvi-Q Auto-Injector Relaunch Being Planned, Kaléo CEO Says

Company says details of “when and how best to bring Auvi-Q back to the market” still being worked out.

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High school cafeteria

Stock Epi Used in 38% of Anaphylactic Reactions in U.S. Schools

Expanded survey looked at more than 6,500 elementary, middle and high schools.

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Introduction of 6 Allergens to Babies Shows Modest Improvement in Allergy Rate

Highly positive results seen for early peanut and egg introduction, but more study needed on other allergens.

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Panera Denies Discrimination, Faults Allergic Employee

Case will now see two sides exchange evidence and attend mandatory mediation.

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OIT’s Effects Endure at Low Doses: Stanford Study

In a long-term follow-up study, oral immunotherapy (OIT) patients who were treated for up to five food allergies were able to maintain a high level of desensitization to their allergens, even those taking very low “doses” of their allergens. “We did this study because, up to now, there hasn’t been a lot of data on […]

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Staph Infections on the Eczema Patient’s Skin Linked to Peanut Allergy

Many patients with eczema go on to develop food allergies, a phenomenon often referred to as “the allergic march.” But the exact relationship between the two diseases has so far been unclear. Lately, however, the theory that food proteins slip in through the compromised skin barrier of a child with eczema, leading to sensitization and […]

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Precautionary Allergy Labels Cause Widespread Confusion, Researchers Find

Consumer survey shows many take risks with ‘may contain’ allergen labels.

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