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Risk of Hospital Stay Doubles for Kids with Asthma Exposed to Cigarette Smoke

For children with asthma, second-hand smoke exposure may mean a spiked risk of being hospitalized

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What a Sea Otter Can Teach Us About Asthma

An asthma diagnosis can be bewildering, and for parents, worrisome. Seattle’s Mishka the Sea Otter? She’s rolling with it

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Honor Roll Welcomes 4 New States for School Allergy Policies

Four states have been added to the 2015 State Honor Roll of Asthma and Allergy Policies for Schools

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All About Asthma-2

Wide Testing of Asthma Kids for Peanut Allergy Is Wrong, Say Allergists

Allergists say children with asthma shouldn’t be tested for peanut allergy routinely.

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Ryan Gibbons

Ryan’s Law Lets Kids With Asthma Carry Inhalers at School

Ontario law ends practice of locking asthma medication in a principal’s office.

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Kids Living in Dysfunctional Homes More Likely to Have Asthma

Study author says that the results support that stress during childhood increase the risk of asthma development.

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Air Canada Cuts Dog Allergy Accommodations

Asthma organization says decision a step backward in accommodating those with severe allergies.

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Why Patients Won’t Talk to Their Docs About Work-Related Asthma

Study finds almost half of asthmatics reluctant to discuss work-related asthma for fear of losing a job.

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FDA Adds Warning for Cardio Risks to Asthma Drug Xolair

Review found slightly increased risk of suffering from heart attacks, mini-strokes with the injectable drug.

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Enterovirus May Make September’s Asthma Peak More Severe

The outlook is bad for the “September peak”, but here are prevention tips to keep asthma controlled.

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