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Father and Children Cooking Family Meal

6 Top Tips for Keeping Allergens in Control in Your Kitchen

Food allergy coach shares her top food allergy kitchen tips.

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Year-Round Allergies Make Ragweed Worse

Study finds you might develop symptoms earlier than others also allergic to ragweed.

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Celiac Disease: The Diabetes Link

Managing type 1 diabetes is old hat to 31-year-old Catherine Oddenino. The New Yorker has had the disease since she was 11, and is adept at counting carbohydrates and dosing insulin. But in her mid-20s she was thrown a curveball. Whenever she ate something, she felt like she had food poisoning. After a visit to […]

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Time to Stop Mocking Food Allergies

Allergic Living’s Editor takes on faulty reporting of food allergy “belief” statistics in a column for, arguing that food allergy is a legitimate disease that merits respect given the potential of serious reactions. Warning: some of the comments that follow will prove that “mocking” is indeed (and unfortunately) an issue. Posted: June 7/10

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DOT May Halt Service of Peanuts on Planes

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is weighing new rules designed to protect air passengers, including one that would restrict airlines from serving peanuts. In announcing these proposed measures in early June, DOT said it seeks “to provide greater access to air travel for individuals with severe peanut allergies in light of the significant number […]

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milk allergy

Managing Life With Milk and Egg Allergies

Milk and egg allergies mostly affect children, who usually become allergic to milk and egg as toddlers.

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Celiac Disease: Fertility’s Thief

The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck learned that celiac disease was the culprit thwarting her attempts to get pregnant. She’s by no means alone.

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Sulfite Allergy – Cooking Up Trouble

These chemical additives cause reactions that mimic allergy. But the reason why remains a mystery. Consider the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s list of the Top 11 food groups that cause the most frequent and severe allergic reactions. Eight of the names will be familiar to most North Americans: peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish and […]

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