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Cashew-Containing Kale Chip Teaches EMT That He’s Not Invincible

An EMT with a severe allergy to nuts discovers the hard way that he’s not as invincible to anaphylaxis as he thought. Justin Zaslavsky and Dr. Ruchi Gupta at Northwestern Universisty share a story of lessons learned.

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Stock Epi in Schools Saves Hundreds Nationwide, Survey Shows

Emergency auto-injectors were used in more than 900 cases of anaphylaxis in U.S. schools last academic year.

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Adult-Onset Allergies: Who’s More Likely to React – and Severely

Age increases risk of severe reaction and other findings from one of the first studies on adult-onset allergies.

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Soy, Corn and Canola Oils Linked to Lung Inflammation

A new study finds certain (supposedly ‘healthy’) food oils may be causing lung inflammation.

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