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Teens Speak Up About Averting Food Allergy Tragedies

We sought out the teenage perspective on staying safe with food allergies.

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Beyond the Eye Roll and Tune Out: How to Talk to Teens About Food Allergies

With three recent deaths from anaphylaxis, the topic of teenagers and food allergies are top of mind in our allergy community. Many are questioning how we reach teenagers about the need for constant vigilance about food precautions and carrying epinephrine, yet not make them fearful of life. We asked Laura Bantock, director of Food Allergy Canada’s […]

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Allergy Moms: Let’s Resolve to Stress Less and Schedule in Real Life

Our kids only grow up once, and as overwhelming as food allergies can be, we don’t want their whole lives to revolve around their medical condition. To find room in life for the things that really matter, we often have to remove the things that don’t. So, I’m hoping you’ll join me and resolve to […]

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Help the School ‘Get’ Food Allergies

Sometimes we hear of community resistance to food allergy accommodations. For instance, back in 2011, parents at one Florida school went so far as to hold protests  over the accommodations requested for a first grader with a peanut allergy. That uproar resonated with me because of a similar controversy in my district several years ago […]

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An Allergic Marriage

Samantha Yaffe’s frank take on motherhood with allergies. “Did you ask them about the nuts?” I ask in what I consider a disarming tone, but which may, in retrospect, sound a bit bitchy. “Ya, I asked them and it’s fine,” he responds in a not-so reassuring tone that tells me he’s lying. I want to […]

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