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Profile: Actress Julie Bowen’s Role as Allergy Mom

Job: Actress on TV’s Modern Family Has child allergic to: peanuts, nuts, insect stings Allergic Living’s Gwen Smith: Julie, how did you first become aware of your child’s food allergies? Julie Bowen: I was at work on Boston Legal and my husband was at home. He sent me a text saying, ‘I think we have […]

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Allergy Moms: Let’s Resolve to Stress Less and Schedule in Real Life

The new year’s arrival gives us the perfect opportunity to create a life that we love. Our kids only grow up once, and as overwhelming as food allergies can be, we don’t want their whole lives to revolve around their medical condition. To find room in life for the things that really matter, we often […]

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Help the School ‘Get’ Food Allergies

What would you do if your child were asked to rinse out his mouth twice a day before entering his classroom? No, this isn’t a trick question or a bad joke. Here’s what parents of students at a Volusia County, Florida elementary school did in March 2011 when they were told that their kids would […]

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An Allergic Marriage

Samantha Yaffe’s frank take on motherhood with allergies. “Did you ask them about the nuts?” I ask in what I consider a disarming tone, but which may, in retrospect, sound a bit bitchy. “Ya, I asked them and it’s fine,” he responds in a not-so reassuring tone that tells me he’s lying. I want to […]

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