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Fresh raised donuts from the local bakery shop.

Special Report: What Sparked the Peanut-Tainted Flour Recalls?

From growing to transportation to handling, an investigation into how peanut wound up in flour

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Alex Thomas 11

OIT Gets Ready for Prime Time

Peanut oral immunotherapy in a capsule is close to approval, bringing hope — not of a cure — but of lives lived with less vulnerability. FOR MORE than seven years, Alex lived like most kids with peanut allergies: he strictly avoided the legumes. His mom, Sarah Thomas, read food labels, grilled restaurant staff, and sent safe cupcakes for Alex […]

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Mason and Sam Together

Theater Discrimination Decision Seen as “Wake-up Call” on Allergy as Disability

The U.S. Department of Justice has found that a theater company violated a food-allergic boy’s rights.

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Restaurant Owner’s Jailing Sets Precedent, Showing “Duty of Care” to Allergic Customers

Allergic Living speaks to U.K. detective and prosecutor on allergy manslaughter case.

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Lessons from a Peanut Kiss Death: Boyfriend Didn’t Know of Allergy

Mother of warns of precautions and communication needed to prevent tragedies like her daughter’s.

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Hostess, Frito-Lay, Mars, Kellogg’s Issue Recalls Due to Peanut-Tainted Flour

Flour supplier sees link to cross-contact with peanut dust in field or in handling.

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Special Report: Investigating Motive and Spice Safety in the Big Peanut-Tainted Cumin Recalls

In early 2015, Allergic Living brought readers the news of mass recalls of food products containing peanut-contaminated cumin. A year later, we’ve gone back to regulators and key experts to investigate the truth about how America’s cumin became tainted, and what’s being done to ensure the spice supply is safe. Between the fall of 2014 […]

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FARE’s Dr. Baker: Finding Peace of Mind While We Search for a Cure

Why FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) thinks desensitization is a vital food allergy therapy on the path toward finding tolerance. Parents of children with food allergies tell me their main focus for their child’s future is keeping their loved one safe and healthy. This brings up a thought-provoking question when it comes to where we are headed with research: […]

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Proposed Peanut Allergy Prevention Guidelines

The new guidelines for the introduction of peanut in both the healthy infants and those at high risk for allergy will become an addendum to NIAID’s 2010 Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergies. Following is a summary of the draft guidance for high-risk children: • The expert panel recommends that, to reduce […]

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A LEAP into an Allergic Culture Change

March 15, 2016 – If you felt a sense of trepidation after reading the results of the new LEAP-On follow-up study, you’re not alone – many people in the food allergy community are going through a bout of culture shock. There’s no denying that the results of 2015’s LEAP and this month’s LEAP-On are quite […]

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