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Are You Sure You’re Penicillin Allergic?

Leslie Hancock always thought she was allergic to penicillin. She was told that, at a young age, she had reacted to the antibiotic. “I was always told: ‘Do not take penicillin, it could kill you.” So I always put ‘penicillin-allergic’ on my medical charts.” She avoided it her entire life and, plagued with sinus infections, her doctors had to resort to […]

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The Truth About Drug Allergies

How to tell an allergy from a side effect, the big offenders, the types of medication reactions, and what to do if you’re busting out in hives. First published in Allergic Living magazine. Click here to subscribe.  It was a string of bad luck. First, Julie Sane’s house was destroyed in a fire and her family was forced […]

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Why You May Be Wrong About Your Penicillin Allergy

Nearly 400 Americans die each year as a result of penicillin allergy. Though this statistic speaks to the seriousness of penicillin allergy, recent research reveals that this allergy may not be as prevalent as originally believed. According to a Mayo Clinic report, majority of people with a history of penicillin allergy did not test positive […]

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Penicillin Allergy Overstated, Leading to Serious Infections

A history of penicillin allergy results in 10 percent more days in hospital, and greater potential for severe infections,

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