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Colleges Lack Food Allergy Support Beyond the Dining Hall

Study finds families having to educate all – from professors to librarians, coaches and servers.

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Food Studies Diverge on Need for Skin Testing in Siblings of Allergic Kids

Studies differ on whether to test siblings of kids with food allergy – before introducing an allergenic food.

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Mother and daughter with dark hair and brown eyes --- Image by © Phillip Graybill/Corbis

Allergy’s High Anxiety: How to Tame Kids’ Fears of Food Reactions

Too many kids and parents are consumed by food allergy stress. At last, mental health experts are finding answers to make allergies a much more livable diagnosis. (From Allergic Living magazine; to subscribe click here.) ANITA Law’s daughter has multiple food allergies, but Law thought she had allergy management well under control. Then in August 2013, her daughter Zoey had […]

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Food Allergy Meets the Teenage Brain

We reveal that there is plenty parents and peers can do to help allergic teens safely navigate the path to adulthood.

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Stock Epi in Schools Saves Hundreds Nationwide, Survey Shows

Emergency auto-injectors were used in more than 900 cases of anaphylaxis in U.S. schools last academic year.

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Stock Epi Saves 38 in Chicago Public Schools

Half of students and staff who reacted had no known allergies.

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Dr. Ruchi Gupta

Expert Q&A: 1 in 13 Kids has Food Allergy

A study published in the summer of 2011 finds that 8 percent of American children under the age of 18 have one or more food allergies. That means 5.9 million kids across the U.S. are at risk food-allergic reactions. That 8 percent finding is considerably higher than previously known. Earlier prevalence estimates that have found […]

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