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Herbs and OIT Prove an Effective Food Allergy Combo

Dr. Xiu-Min Li finds more success with her Chinese herbal formula to treat food allergy

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perfume bottles (2)

Scents & Sensitivity

Europe weighs strict limits on several allergens in fragrances, a move that could impact famous brands and shoppers around the globe. The fragrance makers, of course, are hopping (and spritzing) mad. In a case of allergy vs. Goliath, who will win? Once, Jennifer Beckinsale loved to dab Chanel on herself before going out for the […]

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Oral Allergy Syndrome – When Raw Fruit is Forbidden

A life with OAS means only cooked or baked fruit. Crisp, raw fruit, how I miss you.

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Ask the Allergist: Do I have a ‘Real’ Fruit Allergy?

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Milk Oral Immunotherapy Not Lasting

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Ask the Allergist: French Fries and Oil

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Advice on Flying with Allergies

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Pet Allergies

Pet Allergies: A Gander at Dander

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Ask the Celiac Expert: Are Oats Gluten-Free?

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Dust Mites

Asthma Basics: Seven Big Triggers

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