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Few Severe Reactions to Allergy Shots and SLIT, Though Asthma a Risk Factor

Having asthma puts you at a greater risk of having a systemic allergic reaction during allergy shots, according to research presented at the AAAAI conference in Atlanta in March. The data comes from an analysis of 46.6 million visits for allergy shots (subcutaneous immunotherapy) and sublingual immunotherapy, in which patients take a dose of allergen […]

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Under-Tongue Drops Therapy Shows Promise for ‘Sustained Unresponsiveness’

Small number of patients were able to eat handfuls of peanuts after SLIT.

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Allergy Desensitization in a Toothpaste?

Immunotherapy in a toothpaste? Initial test proves positive.

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Pivotal Findings Boost New Liquid Ragweed Treatment

A new treatment for ragweed allergy saw symptoms and medication use reduced by 43 percent

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Canada Approves Second Sublingual Allergy Tablet

Canada has approved its second under-the-tongue tablet for treating grass allergy.

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Allergy Experts Assess State of Immunotherapy

European and American experts review what’s working and what’s not with allergy immunotherapy.

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