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Accidental Allergy Exposure: From Fear to First Injection and Big Life Lessons

How a sister’s quick thinking saved the day.

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Lessons from a Peanut Kiss Death: Boyfriend Didn’t Know of Allergy

Mother of warns of precautions and communication needed to prevent tragedies like her daughter’s.

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College and Cross-Contact: Navigating Food Allergy On Campus

Living away from home at college, and managing food allergies – and real life – on her own.

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When Culture Clashes With Food Allergies

Originally published in Allergic Living’s Winter 2014 magazine. My food allergies put me on a collision course with our big family and food-fueled traditions. Indian extended families are, well, extensive. And we’re loud. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and everyone else once or twice removed can be expected at family functions. Once there, we enjoy giving advice (read: nagging) about marriage, school, career choices, […]

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Are Smears on a Football a Risk for Nut Allergies?

Q: My son goes to high school next fall and wants to try out for the football team. He has peanut and nut allergies, so is there a risk of him coming in contact with nut residue on the ball? Other boys will eat products containing these foods.  Dr. Watson: For children and young adults with […]

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The Summer Job, with Food Allergies

So your allergic teen wants a job this summer. Here’s how to stay safe while making some money. It all went by so fast. One day, I was guiding my little boy as he learned to navigate the elementary school system with food allergies. The next, he was in high school, asserting his independence. While we had always encouraged Julian […]

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Kissing teens

Kissing With Severe Food Allergies

Q: I’m a teenager with severe allergies to tree nuts and sesame seeds. If my boyfriend eats something that I’m allergic to, how much time should we wait before kissing?  Dr. Sharma: Dating can sometimes pose challenges for teens with food allergies, and kissing has been found to sometimes cause allergic reactions. In two studies between […]

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