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Red Sneakers Event Celebrates Oakley Debbs While Raising Food Allergy’s Profile

Kids take part in Red Sneakers campaign to honor Oakley Debbs.

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Cashew-Containing Kale Chip Teaches EMT That He’s Not Invincible

An EMT with a severe allergy to nuts discovers the hard way that he’s not as invincible to anaphylaxis as he thought. Justin Zaslavsky and Dr. Ruchi Gupta at Northwestern Universisty share a story of lessons learned.

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How to Introduce Peanuts or Nuts When a Sibling Has Allergies

Q. My husband and daughter have severe allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. Our youngest just had a skin test and does not have a peanut or tree nut allergy. Since he is at higher risk with our family history, the allergist recommended that I start to introduce peanuts and nuts into my son’s diet  to […]

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How Long Until Someone Starts to Feel Better After Food Allergy Anaphylaxis?

Q: I’m severely allergic to tree nuts and eggs and recently had a frightening anaphylactic reaction in which I had trouble breathing and became covered in hives. I used my auto-injector, had a second dose in the ambulance and required a third dose at the hospital.  My question: how long does it take for someone’s […]

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Walnut OIT Shows Promise in Small Study

While oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy grabs plenty of headlines, the question is often raised whether the technique will work for tree nuts as well. In a study presented at the AAAAI meeting in March 2016, researchers from the University of Arkansas say they’ve observed that walnut OIT can effectively and safely desensitize patients to […]

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Mason and Sam Together

Nut-Allergic Boy and Friend Take Legal Action Against Youth Theater Program

Complaint says organizers refused to accommodate 10-year-old with severe food allergies.

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Can You be Allergic to Spices?

Q: My daughter is allergic to tree nuts, particularly cashews and pistachios. We’re a little confused about safe spices. Would sumac (used in Middle Eastern cuisine) and nutmeg be safe for her to eat?  Dr. Sharma: Spice allergy appears to be uncommon, although it may be under-diagnosed. A recent review estimated that it affects between […]

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Suit in Allergy Death: Should Store Bakeries Have to Label?

Should grocery store bakeries fall under the same food allergen labeling exception that applies to traditional bakeries?

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Chef Amanda Freitag Speaks Up for Food Allergy Awareness

The popular chef’s video about having an anaphylaxis action plan.

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Little Brother’s Fearless Food Allergy Advocate

Our son has become an outstanding advocate for his allergic little brother, and himself.

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