Allergic Living Hits 5th Year Milestone

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Published: April 1, 2010

Unique Strategy and Reader Relations
Propel Allergic Living to 5th Anniversary

TORONTO, April 14, 2010 – Print is dead, right?  Wrong, print is different.

It was by developing a unique model for magazine publishing that Allergic Living magazine has attained the almost unthinkable today: it is a thriving independent publication, celebrating its 5th anniversary. In a landscape littered with defunct magazine brands – where industry statistics show that for every three magazines that launch, another fails – Allergic Living is an entrepreneurial success story.

The secrets of this indie magazine’s success are rooted in strategy, specialty, online and magazine co-ordination, a unique advocacy role and close connection with a targeted and growing audience.

“We write for people living with food allergies, asthma, and gluten intolerance,” says Editor Gwen Smith. “They face incredibly challenging diet or environment restrictions. These are readers who need us.” Allergic Living, she notes, gives its audience articles they won’t find in other media, and literally makes a difference in their lives.

Allergic Living also plays an unusual media role: one of advocacy. The website has hosted letter-writing campaigns for better food labeling and airline accommodations. Lobby groups have formed on its Forum. When allergy backlash rears its head, Smith is often a spokesperson.

“What’s so different is that our relationship is not simply one of magazine serving reader,” says Smith, “it is one of community.” Smith and many of her writers live what their readers live: most of them have allergies, food intolerance or asthma. “We really do relate to the reader.”

For more information about the magazine, or to arrange an interview with Allergic Living Editor Gwen Smith, call Beth Sulman at 416-628-5602 or or contact Allergic Living at:


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