Keeping an Allergy-Friendly Kitchen

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Published: September 1, 2010

Allergy-Friendly Kitchen Gear

Since you won’t be eating out or buying as many convenience foods, splurge on special tools to make meals easier. Think of it as an investment if need be!

Extra measuring spoons, wooden spoons, ladles – This is especially important if you are keeping allergens in the home. There will be times when you need to cook two similar dishes to go with the rest of the meal and these will come in handy.

Can openers – Maybe it’s just me, but how do you clean them thoroughly? I run ours through the dishwasher but, all the same, I prefer having an extra one, especially when allergens remain in the home.

Extra cutting boards – Everyone needs a few extra cutting boards for keeping meats and veggies apart, why not for keeping allergens apart? I’ve even opted for large craft mats from the Dollar Store to put down so that I have a clean surface to work on.

Pots and pans – A separate, easily identifiable set is handy if cooking separate foods.

Duplicate casseroles – For freezing and reheating meals. Make larger portions and freeze meals for those days when you don’t have time to cook.

Slow cooker – Efficient and economical – cooks your dinner while you do other things!

Meat slicer – If you can’t find safe cold cuts with your allergens and don’t trust the deli counter, this is a handy item to have. Great for slicing tomatoes, too.

Bread maker – Get one that has a delay timer and you can wake up to fresh bread! You can also make pizza and pasta dough in it.

Pasta maker and ravioli mold – Not necessary, but fun.

Susan Clemens is the moderator of Allergic Living’s Talking Allergies Forum, an allergy mom and allergy advocate.