Valentine’s Day Fun – Without Food

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Published: February 8, 2013

“Stained Glass” Window Hanger

– scissors
– hole punch
– glue
– wax paper
– tissue paper (various colors)
– cardstock paper
– ribbon or embroidery thread

  • Spread glue onto the waxy side of wax paper and cover the wet glue with bits of tissue paper (use different shades), overlapping the wax paper’s edges so that there are no gaps.
  • Once the glue is dry, peel off the collage of tissue paper, separating it from the wax paper.
  • Take a piece of cardstock paper and cut out a heart shape from the center to create a frame. Apply glue to back of the frame and press the tissue paper against it.
  • Punch two holes near the top corners and run ribbon or embroidery thread through the holes for hanging.
  • Hang it on a window using a suction cup hook.



Cute Caterpillar

– sewing needle
– embroidery thread
– pompoms
– googly eyes (optional)
– party picks

  • Thread several colorful pompoms together, and end with a larger pompom for the head.
  • Either use the embroidery thread to create eyes or simply glue on googly eyes.
  • Use party picks to create the antennae.


Heart-Shaped Pillows

– scissors
– sewing needle
– embroidery thread
– an old towel
– cotton batting or cotton balls

  • For each pillow, cut up an old towel into two hearts.
  • Sew the pieces together leaving a small opening about 1½ inches along one side for stuffing. You can use different embroidery stitches if you’d like.
  • Stuff with cotton batting or cotton balls – you could even use flannel or any scraps of fabric.
  • Sew up the remaining opening of the hearts.

Tip: We used the blanket stitch for one pillow and a basic running stitch for the other.

Last of all, have a lot of fun making these crafts. We hope they will delight your friends and loved ones on Valentine’s Day!

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