How To: Get a Hold on Mold

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Published: January 22, 2014

The Check-Up

Mold can reappear if the dampness isn’t quite completely eliminated, and sometimes when homes go from being improperly sealed to airtight, moisture can get trapped in unexpected areas. Burton recommends that, after any renovation or remediation, homeowners keep their eyes and noses peeled, and act quickly if they notice any signs of moisture or mold.

Still, she emphasizes that most often, the pesky fungi simply take full advantage of human neglect.

“Usually it comes from someone not dealing with the problem when it started. They had a leak, they patched it, put the wall back up and it was still leaking in behind. Or they had an issue and just painted over it.

“I can’t think of a story I’ve heard that didn’t start with a moisture problem that could have been controlled from the beginning,” Burton says. “The biggest thing is: once you find it, you fix it.”

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