After Anaphylaxis: Helping a Child Overcome Allergy Fears

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Published: February 20, 2014

Converse Cautiously: During severe reactions, children may experience a sense of impending doom. In the aftermath, this may prompt them to ask hard questions, such as “Can I die from my food allergies?” Experts tell us that kids ask these questions when they’re ready for the answers. Still, it’s important to tread lightly and answer in an age-appropriate and reassuring way.

The Grace of Warning: Though I don’t recommend placing blame, sometimes a reaction will point out areas where we may have been lax. In my case, I had relied on the outside wrapper of a bag of Halloween candy rather than checking the ingredients on the individual package. My son’s reaction reminded us to maintain a healthy respect for his diagnosis.

Flex Your Courage Muscles : Most of us are not medical professionals, so we doubt our ability to know how to treat a severe reaction. Fortunately, many parents do get it right – and end up feeling much more confident after treating anaphylaxis.

Flaunt that can-do attitude. It shows our children that food allergies are manageable and helps them believe that someday they’ll safely handle them, too.

Gina Clowes is a certified life coach specializing in the needs of parents of children with food allergies. She is the founder and director of, an online support group serving thousands worldwide.  

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