Chef Amanda Freitag Speaks Up for Food Allergy Awareness

in Food Allergy
Published: June 29, 2015

Mylan Specialty has a food allergy and anaphylaxis awareness campaign underway. It’s called EpiPen® On Location, and features new videos from three celebrity ambassadors.

One of the ambassadors is Chef Amanda Freitag, who owns New York’s Empire Diner and is a popular celebrity judge on the Food Network. In her video, Chef Amanda explains that being diagnosed with an adult-onset allergy to hazelnuts came as quite a shock.

But the chef quickly learned to manage her food allergy by having an anaphylaxis action plan in place. In the video, she explains that this includes: avoiding her allergic trigger, being aware of the signs of anaphylaxis, and always having epinephrine auto-injectors easily accessible.



For more information on the campaign, and to learn about an exciting sweepstakes program, visit
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