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Hidden Milk and Egg

Allergen Where It Hides Alternate Names Eggs baked goods, e.g. cookies, cakes challah and gluten-free bread crackers fat replacers (e.g. Simplesse) meat products with fillers like meatballs or meatloaf nougats, marzipan candy pasta (fresh but also some dried pasta “may contain” eggs) quiche, soufflé salad dressing, creamy dressings sauces, for example, Béarnaise, hollandaise, Newburg, tartar… Read more »

Hidden Milk

Allergen Where It Hides Alternate Names Milk, Dairy artificial butter, butter flavor, butter oil baked goods, e.g. cakes, cookies battered or fried foods broths and bouillons caramel coloring or flavoring chocolate, candies crackers coffee whiteners custards, puddings deli meats, hot dogs dips and salad dressings egg and fat substitutes (Opta, Simplesse) high-protein flour lactose-free products… Read more »