About Us

Allergic Living magazine

The purpose of Allergic Living magazine is to engage, inform and assist readers living with food and environmental allergies and asthma. It offers indepth articles about these conditions as well as useful tips and advice columns.

The magazine, which was launched in 2005, draws upon the opinions of leading experts in the fields of allergy and immunology, celiac disease, respirology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, nutrition and dermatology.

Allergic Living’s mission, in short, is to be an invaluable tool to the allergy, celiac and asthma communities.

In keeping with Allergic Living’s aim to inform and assist, in September 2010, allergicliving.com was relaunched to better serve its swiftly growing audience and to provide fast-breaking news on research and advocacy efforts.

We work closely with national allergy and asthma groups and also with support groups dedicated to helping families deal with day-to-day issues.

We are also very proud of the role we play in working with both new and established companies to enhance the lives of those living with allergy, asthma or celiac disease.

Gwen Smith, Editor
Gwen Smith, Allergic Living’s founder and editor, is a journalist with many years of experience in both Canada and the U.S. She has been a senior editor at The Globe and Mail newspaper and Maclean’s and Elm Street magazines.

Gwen also has first-hand experience with the realities of life with allergies. She has food allergies to soy, shellfish and peanuts and some drug/pollen allergies. She also has had family experiences with asthma and respiratory concerns.

Gwen may be reached at editor@allergicliving.com

Our Contributors
Several highly regarded medical writers and experts contribute regularly to the magazine. Leading photographers and illustrators also work with the editors and art director.

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