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Senators Press Mylan for Answers on EpiPen Price Hikes

A group of 20 Democratic senators, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, sent a letter to pharmaceutical company Mylan NV on Tuesday requesting details about the “exorbitantly expensive” price of its EpiPen auto-injector. Mylan has been widely criticized in recent weeks for the high cost of the lifesaving drug, which has risen an estimated 500… Read more »

Annie LeGere’s Tragedy Leads to Police Stock Epi Initiative

It was slumber a party meant to celebrate th end of summer and beginning of the eight grade. But things took a tragic turn that night of August 2015 when Annie LeGere, who had environmental allergies but no known food allergies, went into anaphylaxis. Her friends called 911 and a police officer was on the scene when her mom, Shelly, arrived at… Read more »