Spring 2015 – U.S. Edition


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  • Hay Fever Handbook: Our comprehensive guide has the tips and treatment options to let you reclaim spring.
  • Pollen Tablets: Are under-the tongue (SLIT) pollen tablets for you?
  • Adult Allergies: When food allergies arrive in adulthood, life as you know it changes overnight. 
  • Let Us Eat Cake!: Divine allergy-friendly layers, finished with decadent frosting and free of gluten and top allergens.
  • Where are They Now?: Eamon Murphy suffered terribly with celiac disease as a boy. Meet the college-bound, athletic comeback kid today.
  • The Allergy Disrupters: What do a former Facebook president and a leading allergy researcher have in common? The drive to find a cure.
  • Babies & Peanut Study: the LEAP study shakes up science. What will it mean to your family?
  • Allergy News: Breakthrough eczema treatment, investigating the massive cumin recall & more.
  • Perfect Party Food: Top allergy-aware cooks whip-up corndogs, pasta salad, sandwich cookies and more – with no dairy, nuts, soy or gluten.
  • Go Green: Freshness is on the menu with perfect spring rolls and polenta pie.
  • The Food Allergy Experts: Experts answer your questions on shea butter and nut allergy, persisting milk allergy and anaphylaxis recovery.
  • Healthy Home: The asthma-smart way to go vintage for a unique breathable space.
  • Parenting Coach: When birthday parties beckon, help to created memories of fun not food.
  • Celiac Central: NFCA President Alice Bast on why she refuses to let celiac steal life’s joys.
  • FARE Views: FARE CEO Dr. James Baker on the importance of food allergy compassion.
  • Plus, much more!



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