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School Teen Transitions 

Entering middle or high school is exciting, but also a life-altering transition. Our expert advises on: preparing the food-allergic student for a new routine and topics to cover with the school – from cafeteria practices to auto-injector training and sports outings.

Plus, advice for handling the emotional impact of both high school and middle school. read 

More resources: 

• How to win over a school. read
• Field trips: Staying safe. read


14 Fab College Life Hacks

We’ve got 14 inventive solutions to lighten the allergic student’s load. 

Learn about everything from personalized food-vending machines to the do-it-all mug, savvy apps, visual health aids, must-have kitchen tools and incredible dorm organizers. read


Q&A on the ‘Allergy Cell’ 

The discovery of a Th2a allergy cell is being heralded as a breakthrough for all allergies, but especially food allergies.

Lead researcher Erik Wambre takes Allergic Living readers inside the 7-year hunt to identify this culprit – and how it will become a food allergy therapy target. read

Living Gluten-Free

• Keeping Your Costs in Line 
Following a strict gluten-free diet
can be expensive. But Alice Bast has strategies to help spare your pocketbook. read

• Beyond Celiac 
A handy guide to staying gluten-free for the busy college student. read

Cellphone Auto-Injector? 

What’s the one thing a young person is never without?

That kind of practical thinking led a college team to invent a smartphone case that contains an epinephrine auto-injector. Meet the brains behind Case.MD. 



Allergy lawsuit set to make history over meal exclusion.
Allergists issue food challenge reminders after boy’s tragedy. 
Spike in the rate of anaphylaxis seen in insurance data. 
Auvi-Q aims to make epinephrine more accessible in school.
Update on celiac drug designed to support the GF diet. 

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• Cover: Allergies & the Hospital ­– You’d think hospitals are a safe space for patients with food allergies. Yet as our investigation reveals, far too often, that’s just not the case. 

 Campus Life, With Allergies  Students with allergen and gluten restrictions spill on their best and toughest college experiences. 

• Fall Favorite Recipes ­ Top allergy chefs Joel and Mary Schaefer show how to whip up Top 8-free pumpkin doughnuts, poutine, pizza and more. Plus, healthful cauliflower dishes and allergy-friendly Apple and Pear Crisp. 

 Vaping & Asthma ­ E-cigarette use is soaring in teens. But are the devices safer than tobacco for those with asthma? 

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